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CTC Step 5 (D): Throughout chapter one Dedé's behavior, inner thoughts and feelings, and appearance to society shows that she is a

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CTC Step 3 (D): On page 5 the author says "The slamming of a door startles Dedé. When she calms herself she finds she had snipped her prize butterfly orchid. She picks up the fallen blossom and trims the stem, wincing. Perhaps this is the only way to grieve the big things---in snippets, pinches, little sips of sadness."

CTC Step 1 (D): Dedé and the lady have small talk and the lady asked Dedé about her sisters. Dedé tells her "The first three of us were born close, but in other ways, you see, we were so different" (Page 6). This tells us that her and her sisters were a year or two apart. Dedé looks at herself and her sisters as very different from each other due to multiple reasons. Continued ...

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CTC Step 2 (D): The narration states, "Dedé can already hear the distance that will come between her parents" (Page 9). Dedé felt like her parents were going through a rough patch in their marriage which will have a huge effect on her and her sisters.

"This entire subject can be summarized in two sentences. If the government wants to do something to you, it has to give a reason. If it wants to do something bad to you, it has to give a good reason." Lawyers call that the "level of scrutiny." Readers puzzled by it can learn a lot from the majority opinion and the dissent in Windsor v. United States, the decision Thursday wherein a Second Circuit panel held, 2-1, that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional.

CTC Step 4 (D): Dedé expresses how she is as a person to help you better understand how she is viewed by society. On page 5 it says"This us certainly one reason why Dedé shies from these interviews. Before she knows it, she is setting up her life as if it were an exhibit labeled neatly for those who can read: THE SISTER WHO SURVIVED."

CTC step 2 thoughts: "Any Dominican of a certain generation would jump at that gunshot sound" (Alvarez 5). She is noting to the past of when there was high violence in Dominican Republic. That Dominican people are use to violence in their country. This shows that she still has an lingering effect from living in the Dominican Republic.