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Netsuke. Fugu fish. Made of ivory. British Museum. Japanese / Japan Antiques : More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

susan wraight netsuke | Susan Wraight: Mouse on a Corn Cob, 2012

19th Century Japanese Netsuke: Ginkgo Nuts over Leaf, signed Tomomasa. A very fine hand-carved netsuke depicting a Group of Ginkgo Nuts sitting on a Ginkgo Tree Leaf. One of the nuts is two-sided. The other two are rare three-sided nuts considered fortunate. These three-side nuts are called Icho nuts and are similar to four-leaf clovers in that they thought to bring good luck to the finder.

Snail on a Mushroom Netsuke

Mammoth ivory Iris petal and butterfly netsuke by Natasha Popova. Stained with walnut dye, silver nitrate and burning needle. Two dew-drops carved from acryl glass (front and reverse sides). Beetle on reverse carved from stained mammoth ivory and dark-brown shell. Signature on the reverse side covered with 23k gold leaf and the second dew-drop. January 2007. View 3

Feather Carver Rangi Kipa

jim hughes carved feathers - Google Search

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