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de Curación del Alma - Emisaria del Amor y la Paz.

¿Cómo se regula la entrada energética en nuestros chacras?¿ a qué se deben los estados gripales repentinos en las tormentas solares o somatizaciones en el 6 chacra, en pleno portal?


So you're reading people's auras, but all these colors are dizzying! Here's the easy breakdown of the symbolism of aura colors, from the spiritually connected purple to the yellow halo of visionaries.

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New Larger stones! Chakra Balancing set of 7

Engraved Chakra stone set of 7 semi-precious crystals for ultimate Chakra cleansing & Balancing. Makes an excellent Yoga, Massage therapy or Holistic Reiki gift

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The etheric double (1st layer of Aura) consists of a clear band of energy approximately one and a half inches in width. It follows the contour of the physical body. It is the easiest layer of the aura to learn to see with your physical eyes. The etheric double acts as the blue print (or mirror image) for the physical body. Once you learn how to see it, you can quickly spot weaknesses and imbalances in the etheric double ...

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