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"Revelations" (1991). In the third book of this trilogy, the author explores secret organizations engaged in hoaxes and media manipulation as well as government/military misdirection and psychological warfare. "The result, according to Dr. Vallee, is that too many false reports of alien contact are accepted as real, while far too many actual cases have gone overlooked or have been misreported."

When building a proper antihero, you have to put him into situations in which there is no perfectly right answer. His mindset is often one that is different from that of his peers. He may view himself as being made of tougher stuff, and is willing to do what is needed, even if the other characters can’t stomach it.

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by Rafal Olbinski (b.1945), a Polish illustrator, painter, and educator, living in the US


Crop Circles - Wayland's Smithy Oxfordshire, England. Reported August 12, 2009.

25 Classic Paintings Improved By Celebrities

25 Classic Paintings Improved By Celebrities (my favorites are Johnny Depp and Steve Carell!)