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Johann Müller Regiomontano fue un astrónomo y matemático alemán.Realizó actividades de investigación, cálculo y observación de fenómenos astronómicos.

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100 print infographics that summarize 2014 - part 2

Cristobal Colon inicia un viaje hacia las indias suguiendo unas rutas para llegar al Oeste.

Giovanni Cassini - Fue un astrónomo, geodesta e ingeniero francés de origen italiano. Contemporáneo de Isaac Newton que realizó numerosas contribuciones observacionales a la astronomía del sistema solar que acabarían siendo fundamentales para apuntalar su teoría de la gravitación. 1625-1712

Garden of Praise is an educational website created in 1999 by a veteran classroom teacher with 35 years experience. Our purpose is to provide free online and printable teaching materials. You are free to print material for your own use at home and in the classroom, but you may not reproduce it for profi

Gameboy Advanced SP stuffed into an original Gameboy, with the ability to play Original GB cartridges, GB Color cartridges, and GBA cartridges. I need to do this mod!

The Safety Show Trailer. The show features adorable live-action host, Ruby, who teaches children crucial -and potentially life-saving - concepts in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. Through beautiful animated stories, a foot-stomping original music video, and in-studio crafts, kids will have a blast learning language, tools and tips that will empower them to stay safe in the modern world.

Giovanni Domenico Cassini fue un astrónomo, geodesta e ingeniero francés de origen italiano. Descubrió la división de los anillos de Saturno que lleva su nombre.

Science/Math/Art - Christian's favorite painting is Van Gogh's Starry Night, so I showed him that some people have thought the stars in this painting reminded them of galaxies. Here is an altered image of Starry Night which looks more like Nebula Night. ;) "Starry Night Scavenger Hunt"


Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive. It's always fun juxtaposing items from the days of pencils and paper with modern-day tech. First spotted on Apartment Therapy, this DIY shows you how to house a USB drive in a classic pink eraser. (And, before you ask: yes, you can still purchase these erasers at stores that sell office supplies.) Get the easy step-by-step instructions