some of my new found babies from the maze runner uwu I am not sure about Newt though, but I can’t see him with longer hair falling on his shirt for some reason

Calypso by viria

Thomas and Newt in The Death Cure. Art by viria. This part made me cry.

and suddenly boys with ponytails got like 10 times more appealing to me some older! training Nico with a ponytail because I saw this post and got curious about how ponytail Nico would look like. So I obviously ended up doodling that and dang forget about undercut! Nico I dig this one that one too but still The boy totally ended up shadowtraveling to McDonald’s after the training ended.

Posted this once before.. but the two in front, definitely Mina and Jared... guy to the right, Brody.. girl with the ponytail Nan? Girl with guitar can be.. Elena.. and one of the guys in the back as Nix? Oh, and Ever as that girl with the pixie cut in the back..

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