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Gefreiter - Ukraine - Winter '43/44

The StG 44 (abbreviation of Sturmgewehr 44)

Battle of Berlin, April 1945. German soldier carrying the StG 44 assault rifle. The first assault rifle in history, the StG 44 served as the prototype upon which the famous Russian AK-47 was based. Reserved for Waffen SS units when it first appeared in 1944, the StG 44 was far superior to anything the Allies had at the time.

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A German soldier of the 1. Skijäger-Division, armed with a StG 44, prepares his skis. Ukraine, 1944.

Crew members of U-50 display their Iron Crosses in Wilhelmshaven on the 2nd March 1940 (All 44 crew died when the U-50 ran into a minefield in the North Sea on the 6th April 1940)

Porfirio Díaz standing next to the Aztec Sun Stone. The Aztec calendar stone, Mexica sun stone, Stone of the Sun (Spanish: Piedra del Sol), or Stone of the Five Eras, is a large monolithic sculpture that was excavated in the Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City, on December 17, 1790. It was discovered while Mexico City Cathedral was being repaired. The stone is approximately 12 feet across and weighs approximately 24 tons.

World War II Enigma Machine.