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This is such a BEAUTIFUL melody. "Jehovah our God, how well you have done! All things are new by the rule of your son. The fullness of our heart overflows in our song. All glory and honor and praise to you belong." ...We love you Jehovah! ♥♥ song 134

Walking in God’s name involves at least three things. First, we must proclaim that name to others. (Rom. 10:13) Second, we need to reflect Jehovah’s qualities, especially his love. And third, we walk in God’s name when we joyfully submit to his righteous standards, lest we bring reproach on our Father’s holy name. (1 John 4:8; 5:3) Are you determined to “walk in the name of Jehovah our God to time indefinite”? We have willingly come to know Jehovah.

Many religions teach that God's name is “God” or “Lord,” but those are not personal names. They are titles, just as “king” and “president” are titles. In the Bible, God has many descriptive titles, such as God Almighty, Sovereign Lord, Father, Most High, and Creator, but he also recorded in his Word his personal name, Jehovah.

Christendom as a whole has refused to acknowledge Jehovah as the true God, replacing Him with a Trinitarian 3-headed god, and removing his name from holy writ. Christendom will pay a heavy price. Revelation 18:4

Does God listen to all prayers? His ears listen to those doing what is right.

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