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Toronto-based artist Talwst has created a series of miniature dioramas inside of antique ring boxes that capture wide array of scenes from various historical periods. Mount Fuji

Hampton Castle of Sterling Diorama Free Papercraft Download

Mar illustrations » Animal Circus Mar Cerdà

The Darjeeling Limited | Wes Anderson If it's these three guys, it must be Wes Anderson's. Loved the bold visuals (the Wes Anderson trademark) and the overall (quirky) production.

Repaired a Victorian cyclists diorama / ヴィクトリア時代のサイクリング・ジオラマを修理しましたヴィクトリア時代のサイクリング・ジ/

Mar Cerdà » Portugal

Hyper-Detailed Miniature Dioramas of Street Scenes

Japanese artist Satoshi Araki creates dioramas that are astonishing both for their hyper-detailed realism and their incredibly small scale.

Hand painted paper houses <3 by Mar Cerda

Hand painted paper houses <3 by Mar Cerda