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Don’t be easily deceived by the Viper’s rugged exterior. The roller is made from high-grade German foam, and it houses a precise vibrator that you can set to 3 different frequencies. The roller can be then used during your exercise routine to work on your muscles, posture, and flexibility.

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Top Health and Fitness Apps to Improve Your Workout and Diet [INFOGRAPHIC]

These apps will help you stay healthy!

Reprogram your mind to enjoy exercise and create a fit and healthy body with hypnosis --- Hypnosis is a wonderful and proven way to help you gain control over your mind. Working with a qualified hypnotherapist is very easy, and they can help you reprogram poor and unproductive habits, like not having the motivation to exercise. Keep in mind this expert advice so that you can workout more and get that healthy and fit body that you have always wanted.

Vitamins, minerals, and exercise are key in optimizing women’s health --- Women are charged with more and more responsibility these days. They’re raising the family, working, handling the finances, making the health decisions and the dinner. Often women are so busy taking care of others, they aren’t taking care of themselves. Here is some advice to help.

Living healthy means watching your diet and consistent exercise --- Try these simple and easy to implement solutions for healthy living.

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8 Essential Strength-Training Exercises You Need to Know

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5 Ways to Get Fit Outside the Gym!

Discover some great outdoor exercise ideas and train outside all summer long! #exercise #summer

Live healthier by doing yoga with this expert advice for beginners --- If you want to increase strength, flexibility, balance and reduce stress in your life, then yoga is for you.

Age gracefully with a positive attitude, strong mind and healthy body --- The fountain of youth is within you; you can age with beauty and grace by building a strong foundation. You have the ability to slow down the aging process with exercise, good nutrition and self care. So take charge of how you age by making better lifestyle choices today.