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'Hamilton' creator offers Ryan a deal: Personal performance for Puerto Rico bill

Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You | The Resistance ...

John Glenn, astronaut and U.S. senator, dies at 95

It will make winters in the US East Coast and parts of Europe even longer, with exceptionally cold temperatures expected during March 2017

Its roots in our politics are deep and tangled.

House Votes Overwhelmingly To Audit The Federal Reserve -- ..The bill was introduced by Republican representative Paul Broun of Georgia and is a newer incarnation of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s 2012 Federal Reserve Transparency Act. At that time, it passed in the House with a 327-98 vote but stalled in the Senate due to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s resistance. Though Reid supported an audit in the 1990s, by 2012 his position shifted. [...] 09/18

Was San Diego illegal alien beach storming a prelude to something bigger? Allen West asks: Did we see a 'dry run' this past week in San Diego? Written by Allen West on August 29, 2014

GOPe Meltdown evident by the support for perceived outsiders Trump and Cruz. cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2015

Michelle and Daughters Back in Aspen – Time to Hit the Slopes

Judicial Watchdog: 'The Obamas Treat Air Force One Like An Uber Ride': Chief Of Spending Watchdog Says President's Christmas Hawaii Trip Is Too Expensive To Justify - dailymail.co.uk 12/15/15

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