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Mariposa-Tigre-de-Quintal (Arctia caja), encontrada na Europa, América do Norte e partes da Ásia. Garden Tiger moth (Arctia caja), found in Europe, North America and some parts of Asia.

The Giant Swallowtail is common in various parts of North America (mainly south and east) and marginally into Colombia. It is the largest butterfly in Canada and the US

This is the Giant Leopard Moth, a strictly nocturnal species native to parts of North America and Mexico. These moths start life as an incredibly black and bristly caterpillar, and once they grow into adulthood, they never eat, and instead focus on mating and passing their genes onto several clutches of eggs.

Garden Tiger Moth <3 I remember this moth from my childhood, it's really big moth :)

The Clouded Yellow is primarily an immigrant to the UK, originating from north Africa and Southern Europe | male

The Pioneer White or African Caper White (Belenois aurota) is found in South Asia and Africa. In Africa, it is also known as the Brown-veined White, and is well known during summer and autumn when large numbers migrate north-east over the interior. This ventral shot was photographed by Sminda De Silva on 2nd February 2013, almost certainly in Sri Lanka. This ventral is a stonger yellow than shown in most other photos, where the colouration between the veins is most of a biscuity/brown…

Grey Cracker(Hamadryas februa). It is found from Argentina north through tropical America to Mexico. Rare strays can be found up to the lower Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas.

Submit your butterfly sightings here. They will also help you determine the species of butterfly, cool website for identifications too Image Gallery | Butterflies and Moths of North America