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Pantheon de Agripa (27 a.C., reconstrucción 118 d.C.), Roma. Apolodoro de Damasco (60 - 130). Adriano.

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Firenze - Italy

A travel poster showing historic Firenze, Italy. Stab Luigi Salomone, Roma, 1938.

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Roman Architecture and Monuments

The Roman Aquaduct an advanced achievement in building a series of channels to bring water down into the cities from their sources.

Rome, Italy - the famous colosseum. and let's not forget, the food.. not pictured here;)

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TOP 10 Italian cities you must visit


The sacred site of Chichen-Itza in Mexico was one of the greatest Mayan centres of the Yucatán peninsula. In it's 1000 year history, it's been handed around a bit. As a result it shows off Mayan construction techniques with new elements from central Mexico. If you've made the climb to the top. Good on you, you very fit person.

historicaldetailsandstuff: Al-Khazneh (“Treasury”), Petra, Jordan, second century AD. This rock-cut tomb facade is a prime example of Roman “baroque” architecture. The designer used Greek architectural elements in a purely ornamental fashion and with a studied disregard for Classical rules.