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Fotografia de Perspectiva

I think those are beautiful

Fotografia de Perspectiva

40 Awesome Life Tip Quotes

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There Are Two Types Of People In This World

<b>Humanity is a matrix of complex emotions and an unintelligible array of behaviors.</b> But sometimes, let's be honest, you can boil it all down to just two kinds of people.

These quotes are perfect. They show all the different types of people and how they could actually be feeling. That's what I love about Glee.

Uun pequeeeñooo muuuundo eeees (8)

What Type Of Unicorn Are You?

Hi, my name is April. I'm a daughter of Athena. I live with my father, but stay in Camp Half-Blood a lot as well. Maybe it's unusual, but I go to school, I do modern scientics and I'm kind a good at it. I love to write in the forest, listen to music and lf coure to fight. I am smart, adventurous and funny. At least, that's what my friends told me. I'd like to make some friends here too though.

Let it go in emojis!!! If you didn't sing this whole thing you're lying.

Motivation to complete 1st 1/2 marathon this year. Hollye Jacobs, Breast Cancer Survivor - Quotes & Inspiration - 13.1 Reasons Why I Love Half Marathons