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Mouthpiece was a lie-telling monster, who was to make his victims lie uncontrollably, and for each lie told, a Pirahnatron would appear. His first victim was Justin, resulting in Pirahnatrons raiding the Youth Center's volunteer Car Wash. Later, when the Rangers were to fight Mouthpiece, but unfortunately, he placed them all under the spell. Justin was able to break the spell by admitting that he couldn't stop lying, which was the truth. He then joined the battle and broke their spells…

Fire Opal enhances your personal power & protects you against danger. It supports during times of injustice or mistreatment & helps with the resulting emotional turmoil. Magnifies your thought,s feelings & helps you to let go of the past. You must be careful though because sometimes it can be explosive in its action when bottled up emotions break out. Fire opal is great for the intestines, kidneys, adrenal glands, eyesight, nervous system; emphysema, stress, meditation & all psychic…

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Dance Party Games for Kids

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Advice from the OT: Why It's So Hard for Children to Sit Still and What You Can Do About It

Advice from the OT: Why it's so hard for children to sit still and what you can do about it | Minds in Bloom

Anne of Green Gables two strong female role models for boys and girls .