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Vusi Mahlasela - Say Africa (Live on KEXP) - Gravado em (Em 20/01/2011).

Africa | Portrait of manifestation of an Egun - a voodoo ancestor spirit in Sakete, Benin. West Africa. 2005. |©Toby Adamson/Axiom

Noelito Flow

Africa | Hamer man photographed at Turmi Market, Omo Valley, Ethiopia | © Alessia de Marco like or repin and dont forget to check out my songs =)

Dogon mask dancer - Mali, Africa

Africa | Dogon masqueraders/dancers from Mali | ©Frans Devriese

Mask: Bull Date: 19th–20th century Geography: Mali.

Africa | Ibo Masquerades. Nigeria. 1931. | Isuama Ibo. Isu tribe. 'Okorosie' masquerade. Masks called 'Nwanyioma' and 'Akatakpuru' | ©Dr. G.I.Jones

Africa | Mask (Banda) from the Nalu peoples, Niger River region, Guinea. | Wood, paint | 19th - 20th century

Africa | A postcard image. Lagos, Nigeria.

The Dogon are an ethnic group in Mali. Their population is between 400,000-800,000 people. They're best know for their mask dances, wooden sculptures and architecture. They believe in several gods, but one main god, Amma.