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Emily Blunt - I love her style. Celebrities don't figure huge into my life, as they shouldn't, but I do love her and I felt a vague sense of sadness when she broke up with Michael Buble. This is completely pathetic because it's only because I'm Canadian and so in some twisted way, I had appropriate feelings for their relationship. This requires many expensive sessions of therapies. Word. Still, love John Krasinski too. I spelled his name wrong. I just know it.

Emma Watson nuevo loock

Esto es todo lo que quiero en la vida: ESTE VESTIDO Y UNA ARDILLA EN EL HOMBRO.

7, 8 y 9 de Junio, un tributo a Michael Jackson

Who says she needs to wear a dress at all? She'll wear whatever the fuck she wants, and you'll love it.

Emma Watson - how is she so versatile and perfect in every look?!