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Resultado de imagen para camisas dobladas

#Packaging #design super currado para camisas, dobladas muy curiosas

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Resultado de imagen para camisas dobladas

Antique-German-Nazi-Doll-Breslau-All-Original. Sold Feb. 2015 for $243.50. -- German Nazi Doll Breslau This doll measures approximately 13" tall to the top of his hat, and he wears his original uniform and tag. The clothing is sewn on and the cap attached, therefore it is difficult to fully view the markings on the lower back of his neck, but it looks like KM. I believe this is a painted bisque head, although I cannot confirm this without removing the clothing, which I prefer not to do. He…

Cosleeping is usually great for everybody. Because I was dirt poor with my first baby, it was our only option and, because of this positive experience, I had no doubts with this new baby 21 years...

I'm gonna need this!

(3) marina and the diamonds | Tumblr

(Open RP, he him) I just knew he wasn't gonna hold back when we got home. I just knew it. He pulls into the drive way and I get out and go into the house, him following. He shuts the door and takes off his shirt, showing his 8 pack. I blush and nod. He puns me up against the wall and kisses me roughly. I kiss back and keep the moans in my throat. I smile and jump on his hips and start to wrap my arms around him. He rips off my shirt, starting to lift up my bra. As I knew, we were gonna do…

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