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Dimelo Papi` Toddler T-shirt

Dimelo Papi,Niños,Camisetas,Papi Toddler

Please don't tell me. This is exactly how I feel.

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Dimelo Papi` IPhone 66S Plus Case

Dimelo Papi` IPhone Plus Case

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Dimelo Papi` Women's T-shirt

Dimelo Papi,Camisetas De Las Mujeres,Papi Women'S, Tee Shirt

This is so true! I love when people tell me they miss my parents. I know they are thought about.

He tells me his mom says I'm nobody because he didn't "come from me". He tells me his mom says to remember "she" created him in her tummy and that I'm just some lady daddy met one day. But I know that I never left this little boy for anyone and I'll never leave this family... EVER. So guess what? This "nobody's" got a name... "STEP-MOMMY" and I'm not going anywhere. Happy 10th Birthday, Kid!

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Father's Day Free Printable and Quotes

~Free Father's-Day Printable~ He didn't tell me how to live; He lived and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington

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Dimelo Papi` Retro Trucker Hat

Dimelo Papi,Papi Retro,Retro Trucker,Trucker Hat

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Seven Angry Babies // Weird Kitsch Dolls // Vinyl Sad and Crying Odd toys // 1960s

DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT THESE ARE CALLED?? Is there a name for them? My daddy used to buy dolls like these for me in the 70s. I'd love to have some now. Anything you could tell me would be great.

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Dimelo Papi` Embroidered Snapback Hat

Dimelo Papi,Sarga De Algodón,Papi Brushed,Papi Embroidered,Embroidered Snapback,Twill Hat,Snapback Hat,Brushed Cotton