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Charles the Bald. (Charles II) was Holy Roman Emperor. King of the Franks

York Minster Interior Kings Screen by sculptor William Hyndeley - Kings - l-r: Henry III, 1216-72, with two sceptres, Edward I (Primus)Longshanks, 1272-1307 with sword, Edward II, 1307-27

Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror and mother of Henry I, the first woman to be crowned Queen of England, was born in 1031. Her father, Baldwin V, was the Count of Flanders, and her mother Adela, was a daughter Robert II the Pious Capet, King of France. Statue is located in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France. 27th GG mother. Ancestor

Abbey Church of St Mary and St Ethelflaeda can trace its origins back to 907, when King Edward the Elder, son of Saxon King Alfred the Great, first settled nuns under the charge of his daughter Elflaeda. King Edgar refounded the nunnery ca.960 under rule of St. Benedict. Ethelflaeda, whose acts of sanctity included chanting Psalms standing in the River Test at night, was the 2nd Abbess. First stone church and nunnery were built c.1000 and flourished as place of education for daughters of…