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Africana Beautiful

Can you believe this is a doll??

Asiatic Afro-Arabs of Africa: North Africa-Ifriqiya* / Horn of Africa and SouthWest Asia.. (Nubians, Tuareg and Beja “Sahara” People)

Nubian Girls from the Sahara

Los 1001 peinados de Solange Knowles

John Carroll Doyle (American) "Juke Joint"

How I Maintain Bomb Natural Hair on a Lazy Regimen: Portia

There is a common misconception that in order to have beautiful natural hair, you have to do a lot. But the natural gurus on our writing staff know better than that. Over the next several days we w…

"A hot day in the City" Doll is on the VIP Guests List for the Red Carpet Winter Gala Affair. The "Red Carpet Winter Gala Affair" Storyline takes place in the Mansion's interior and landscape every year around the end of February in Make Believe Land in Karen's head which she shares with her granddaughter Tiffany on Pinterest."

Whoopi Goldberg and her mom

Whoopi Goldberg, her mother Emma Johnson, her daughter Alexandrea Martin, and grand-child.

Norton & Margot | 1934 From 1933 until 1946-47 Margot Webb and Harold Norton performed on the Afro-American vaudeville circuits of night clubs and theatres in the Northeast and the Midwest. Known professionally as” Norton and Margot,” they were one of the few Afro-American ballroom. This publicity photo was signed “To the sweetest Aunt in the world, My Marion, Lovingly Margot, 1934”.