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Bungo Straydogs Group Cosplay Cosers: 祭 Matsuri, JB Mu TW Cosplayer-小穆, 38/2-一九 Photo by I.F 逸凡

CIEL - likyosan(米线菌) Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Photo - Cure WorldCosplay

L | Death Note. a lo he dicho pero igual me voy a casar con un japones y voy a hacerlo usar todos los días cosplay

You walk around trying to fix everything but you're the one who's broken. | Menma || AnoHana

Light and L, Death Note | JIANG - WorldCosplay ADJFOCNWODS

Nombre : No Game No Life Personajes : Izuna y Ino Hatsuse Cosers : Shiki Cosplayer and David Tan [ Singapore ]

Cosplay: Shiro & Jibril (NO GAME NO LIFE) Cosers: Immi-奧田.j.依彌 Okuda Lily

Damn thats a good fairy tail erza cosplay

Charles Gray (by somei @WorldCosplay) | Kuroshitsuji #cosplay #anime

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