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La derrota del Eje, prisioneros (Segunda Guerra Mundial)

German soldiers surrendering

Black soldier in the German Army

German boys in SA Uniforms (1943)

Normany 1944 - German bunker construction interrupted by the allied invasion.

Hitler visiting the Canadian War Memorial, at Vimy Ridge, France. 1940. Hitler so respected & revered the Canadian soldier after fighting them in WWl that he gave orders not to bomb the Canadian Memorial. Canadians were given a name by the Germans in World War l Canadians were called Storm Troopers. German soldiers feared the Canadians, gave them a scary name. Hitler reused that name for his own troops in WWll because it put fear into people.

A young German soldier (pictured center left, without helmet) refuses to participate in the execution of 16 Yugoslav civilians. He positioned himself within the group and was executed for disobeying his NCO. He choose death instead of killing hopeless civilians. His name was Josef Schulz.

clyde hebert-- black soldiers stationed in france during world war II Magdalene Linck says: "my grandpa (on left) with friends during the war"

Soviet soldiers in Vienna 1945

Rikusentai Japanese soldiers

Japanese Soldiers in Batle