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Esta foto se encontró en el álbum personal de un soldado Einsatzgruppen. Fue etiquetada en la parte posterior como " El último judío de Vinnitsa". Todos los judíos que allí vivían, unos 28.000, fueron asesinados en 1941.

So grateful to the brave women (and some men) who paved the way. This is Ernestine Mills trying to vote in 1872 when it was illegal for a woman to vote. She was beaten and arrested for trying to do something some of the women of America take for granted today. The gentleman in the top hat trying to assist her, is her husband Dr. Herbert Mills.

Dachau, May 1945, SS soldiers killed by inmates during the liberation.

Unknown Australian soldier, World War I. Approximately 60,000 Australian soldiers were killed in World War I. Here are some lines from British poet Wilfred Owen, in their memory. "What passing bells for those who die as cattle?/Only the monstrous anger of the guns."

SA men boycotting a Jewish store in Berlin in 1933. The sign reads: "Attention, Germans! This shop is owned by Jews. Jews damage the German economy and pay their German employees starvation wages. The main owner is the Jew Nathan Schmidt."

Liberated inmates inside the Mauthausen barracks. How much longer they survived is unknown.

"Pankhurst was horrified by the screams of women being force-fed during hunger strikes. In her autobiography she wrote: 'I shall never while I live forget the suffering I experienced during the days when those cries were ringing in my ears.'"

101st airborne division (still one of the best to put boots on the ground in time of war)

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