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de Full Circle SG

Amber (Columbian) Raw

Amber is also admired as it has great metaphysical properties for psychic protection. It helps with seasonal affective disorder and depression. It increases general vitality and energy levels.

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K2 Stone

Cristales De Rocas Piedras Preciosas,Gemas Piedras,La Naturaleza Pagana,404,Vibras,Stones Light,K2 Stone,Earth'S Eye,K2 Blue

Jade (Nephrite) Crystal Healing Properties Jade is said to promote love, courage, justice, wisdom and self-sufficiency and is believed to be an emotional balancer. It is thought to release negative thoughts and to soothe the mind. Jade is a protective stone, said to protect the wearer from harm and to attract good luck and friendship.

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Sunstone Stone

Sunstone carries the light and happy energies of the Sun. Use with Moonstone to bring the influences of the sun and moon in harmony. #crystals

Curación con #piedras y #cristales. MOCAITA. Fomenta el sentido de aventura ayudando a salir del área de confort y a decidir qué camino tomar en la vida. Te conecta con la energía de la Tierra y se cree que ralentiza los efectos del envejecimiento.

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Leopard Skin Jasper Stone

Leopard Skin Jasper assists in self-healing and spiritual discovery to further personal growth. It is a powerful gemstone for stability, protection and grounding as well. #jasper #crystals #healing

Curación con #piedras y #cristales. JASPE DÁLMATA. Ayuda a romper barreras que has creado en torno a ti mism@, ayudándote a avanzar. Propicia la felicidad y la alegría de vivir.

NUUMMITE - Nuummite is the oldest crystal on the planet at 3 billion years old. It is the most grounding crystal that allows you to witness others energy and not suck it up. It helps keep your aura clear and balanced and lets you turn your abilities into an amazing gift instead of feeling it as a burden. It is called The Philosopher's Stone for its ability to instantly transform your life.

de SoulMakes

Crystal Collection - Positivity

°Positivity crystals & stones information card by SoulMakes