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Pintura mural etrusca, en la llamada «Tumba del Triclinio», en Tarquinia, h. 480 a. C.

Tarquinia Necropoli di Monterozzi – Tomba del Triclinio Suonatore di doppio flauto (diaulos) V sec. a.C. Museo Nazionale di Tarquinia

Etruscan fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeya

Ancient Etruscan Fresco with an Athletic Trainer, 510 BC, Getty Villa Collection.

Lars Tolumnius (died 437 BC or 428 BC) was the most famous king of Veii, best remembered for initiating the conflict with the fledgling Roman Republic that ended with Veii's destruction. His name in Etruscan was Larth Tulumnes, the Tulumnes family being a leading family in Veii and known from votive offering inscriptions.

Etruscan women and men wore many types of tebenna mantles

Roman civilization, 2nd century b. C. Mosaic depicting a group of street musicians. From the Villa of Cicero, Pompeii

Etruscan tebenna: Rounded mantel worn by men and women draped in various ways.

Etruscan relief from the Ludovisi Throne c.550 BC