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La memoria inmunitaria creada desde una respuesta primaria a un patógeno específico proporciona una respuesta mejorada a encuentros secundarios con ese mismo patógeno específico. Este proceso de inmunidad adquirida es la base de la vacunación.

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The Lovely Germs: Can Illness Be Beautiful?


Time-lapse of HeLa Cell Division. A simple, gorgeous image series of a HeLa cell (the cancer cell line commonly used for cell biology) undergoing mitosis.

✯ Cell infected with HIV. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of HIV particles (red/orange) budding from the membrane of a host cell. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) attacks CD4+ T-lymphocytes (specialised white blood cells), which are crucial in the body's immune system. It enters the cell and makes many copies of itself, which then destroy the cell as they emerge through its membrane. This severely weakens the immune system, causing AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).✯

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8 Ways to Naturally Heal Your Thyroid

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