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After the trial the sisters moved to a large, modern house at 306 French St. which Lizzie christened Maplecroft, where their staff included live-in maids, housekeeper and coachman (or later, chauffeur).

Gallows Hill: Where Were the Witches Hung? Very interesting discussion about the true location of the execution site. Salem, Massachusetts

When I Saw These 13 Houses Were For Sale, I Was Shocked. They're Hiding Terrifying Secrets.

Lizzie Borden was a woman who in 1892 was tried for axe-murdering her father and step-mother. She was eventually acquitted, so feel free to purchase the home where she laid her head for only $650,000. There's also apparently a Lizzie Borden-themed <a href="">bed and breakfast</a> in the area that sounds like a real hoot.

I'm Warning You. Avoid These 20 Places At All Costs... #7 Is Straight From My Nightmares.

5.) Villisca Ax Murder House, Iowa. 20 Creepy places to visit.

Peacefield (John Adams home in Quincy) Quincy, Massachusetts. John and Abigail Adams lived here many years, and so did many descendants. The family kept everything just as it was until it was presented to the Park Service, and the contents are preserved intact to this day. That seems to be very rare for historic houses! The outside still looks just as it did in old pictures.

Hancock-Clarke House, Lexington, MA.

Coffin House (1678), Newbury, MA. Old Homes Hotel And Flight Deals.

Burgess Museaum....auther of Peter Rabbit:)