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How to Detox Your Pineal Gland – Fluoride, Mercury, & Consciousness. Is there a natural herb or treatment to detox from fluoride, mercury, and pineal gland calcification?

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How to decalcify your Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland could be the most important part of your entire nervous system. It is essentially a spiritual antenna. The American environment and diet is designed to keep the Pineal Gland from fully functioning. Clean it of it's "gunk" and see more clearly.

Third eye mandala - Ajna is symbolized by a lotus with two petals, and corresponds to the colors violet, indigo or deep blue. Ajna's key issues involve balancing the higher and lower selves and trusting inner guidance. Ajna's inner aspect relates to the access of intuition. Mentally, Ajna deals with visual consciousness. Emotionally, Ajna deals with clarity on an intuitive level.

The primary goal of decalcifying your pineal gland is so that you can begin the process of pineal gland activation and begin the awakening of your third eye. There are two parts to pineal gland decalcification. The first is to stop any further calcification of your pineal gland which is caused by any lifestyle habits or environmental factors, e.g. flouride, etc. The second step is to work on reducing and removing the existing calcification and help to further develop your pineal gland.