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Cuidemos de nuestra piel este excelente fin de semana: con cremas corporales y bloqueador solar Natural Conexión. Informes de productos y compras (4) 567 2477 o

Para los hombres del mundo que talan arboles que no les cuestan , para dueños de circos que maltratan a los animalitos ... Cuidemos a nuestra naturaleza son parte de nuestra vida... Bello hombrecito

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Spirit Of The Forest - Josephine Wall

Designer and illustrative woman that has created a set of drawings done in pencil, ink, water closet - color. She uses the children and the animals as the main characters but her work has a deepen meaning. We live in a careless world, and she thinks about what will happen if we do not take care of the sea. For this reason, we can divided her work in two parts: one very colorful that represent our connection with the nature, and another part that turns dark and represent the dirt and sadness.

The Greenman Stone The Greenman is the Celtic God of the Woodlands; He takes care of the green and growing things and protects the forest creatures. The Greenman archetype symbolizes our oneness with the earth. His image combines a man’s face and nature.

She takes care of her self, loves being fit. This among a handful of other things in which we are so very similar draws me ever closer (as if I needed another reason). We could live. We could have a lot of fun. We could be victorious. If we can, get it done. 5/9/13

Next big garden project: plant lots of azaleas under the pine trees