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como encontrar el norte

HowStuffWorks "Finding the True North with Moon and Stars"

I used to have a poster like this. Nat geo, I believe.

The sky was so clear last night, I could pick out almost all the summer constellations...

Northern Hemisphere Winter Constellation Map | Winter Constellations in the Northern Hemisphere

For reference. Develop more constellations for my previous product on TPT. Develop new product for hands on learning.

Illustration of the "zodiac band" with a few of the constellations depicting the they represent.

Autumn and Winter Constellation Map Detail by Joy Laforme

Summer Constellation Map by Joy Laforme

Orion's Belt is one of the most recognizable constellations with it's 3-star belt. Run an imaginary line across the middle star in the Belt (from lo-right to upper-left) and find lovely champaigne-colored Betelgeuse. Run the line down thru the mid-star of the Belt to the right and there is Rigel. Below and left (in direct line of the Belt) is brilliant blue Sirius, flickering like a happy firefly; and high above, almost in line with the Belt, is pink Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus.

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