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Explora Comida Con, Con 16, ¡y mucho más!

En una casa un mexicano viviendo con 16 chinos (haciendo comida con una ...

36 Surprisingly Effective Uses of Baking Soda

Yes, you read that right. That $1 kitchen staple can be used in a number of ways. Baking soda uses include your hair, body, skin, overall health, and your kitchen. If you are into home

How to Stop Overeating, Sugar Cravings and Beat Depression without Drugs

I’ve overcome emotional eating and depression several times in my life. I want to share with you now how I did it and how you can use my experience to break free from food obsessions, sugar cravings, overeating and depression for good. What causes depression Many things can cause depression. Doctors will tell it’s caused by a chemical imbalance. Others may suggest it’s because you’ve had an unhappy childhood. Sometimes,people will suggest the cause is a major life crisis, like a divorce or…

One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die

How B.J. Miller, a doctor and triple amputee, used his own experience to pioneer a new model of palliative care at a small, quirky hospice in San Francisco.

Cheddar Potato Chowder

Cheddar Potato Chowder Recipe -I only made this soup occasionally because the original recipe was quite high in fat. I doctored it up a bit, using healthier ingredients, and now we eat this rich flavorful chowder more often. —Ellie Rausch of Goodsoil, Saskatchewan

How To Decorate for Christmas With Only a Trip to the Grocery Store

How To Decorate for Christmas With Only a Trip to the Grocery Store | Apartment Therapy: Apples aren't only for pies and keeping the doctor away. You can cut them into slices, thread string through the core and adorn your fireplace mantel with a festive garland. Babes in Boyland did this in order to hang and dry their apple slices before eating them, but you can use them for decorating and they'll be just as sweet.

Doctors Are Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Right Now And This is The Reason Why

We all use aluminum foil in the kitchen, for cooking, and wrapping, and we often use it to treat some common ailments. Yet, a recent study has found that there are some important things we do not know about this kitchen staple. First of all, aluminum is a neurotoxic heavy metal that has severe side-effects […]

Holy sweet mother of all things vaccines. What in the world is going on? A doctor writes an opinion piece that spells out in accurate detail just a few of the many problems with vaccines and the machine lets loose a smear campaign to discredit him. Because hey ... we need to set an example to make sure no other physician uses their brain and comes to a different conclusion than the thrown up baby food puke we pushed on them in med school. The next thing you know, the Medical Director and…

Un autentico Angel… Audrey Hepburn.


Know your brain chemistry #infographic If you take ADHD meds this is helpful stuff! - ADD / ADHD