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Black cat pendant and earring set.

I made this for my sister (she has a great collection of pirate treasure Wood, resin, epoxy putty and paint (a lot of paint)

Kaia Joyas: LAS GEMAS AZULES DE LA ORFEBRERIA Lapislázuli se compone de 25 a 40 por ciento de lazurita, además de varios minerales (sodalita, hauyna, calcita y pirita) que influyen en el color y su distribución. Basado en esa composición que varía,lapislázuli se considera una roca, no un mineral.

Sampo is a magical artifact from the Finnish epic Kalevala. It is said that whomever possesses Sampo will experience good fortune. Forged by the legendary smith Ilmarinen, the artifact has been interpreted in many ways; a world pillar, a compass, a treasure chest, a shield, and many other things. The compiler of the Kalevala, Lönnrot, interpreted it as a mill that could produce flour, salt or gold out of thin air. Sampo plays a pivotal roll in the Kalevala. It is said Ilmarinen forges it in…

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Antiqued Victorian Treasure Chest Styled Wood Trunk

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TRAVEL TRUNK RARE wood frame, leather and iron strapping H: 47 cm - L: 115 cm W: 50 cm France - sixteenth century

viking chest | Viking Hoards and Buried Treasure!!!