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Happy {day after} Halloween! I hope you have enjoyed a few sweet treats today! Confession : my sweet neighbor always gives us thes...

I confess...I am Madame Killjoy - after Halloween, Valentine's Day is my least fave occasion. It's either rubbing it into single/separated people about how wonderful this day of love is 💔, or being cooped up with other cringey coupley diners at restaurants, and can also be super awkward for newbie couples (e.g.: should we acknowledge?? Shouldn't we?! Gifting etiquette?? 🎁Will he, won't she??). But, it's a long lull between Xmas and Easter so yeah, any excuse for cupcakes n chocolate 🍫 in…

Chitón , rectángulo de tela que no tenia costura abrochado por fíbulas (imperdibles). El largo era hasta los tobillos. Las jóvenes casadas lo usaban con un cinturón.

Confessions of a Sugar Addict: How to Deal with Leftover Halloween Candy

Other than the red and funky bodice, Kyazhara wears a similar gown to events - Not to hear confessions, where she wears a white warrior's dress. All The Blue Dragons!

A Painful Confession: How Do Christians Today Not Deny or Trample on Christ? via @annvoskamp

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