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Explora Cumbre Colima, Mi Hermoso Colima, ¡y mucho más!

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La cumbre

Vista desde el Cerro La Cumbre en Colima

Volcán de Colima o Volcán de Fuego, México.

Bárcena volcano forms the elongated island of San Benedicto, seen here from the SW in March 1955. The tuff cone with the circular summit crater at the center and the lava delta to the right were formed during an eruption in 1952-53, the only eruption known from this volcano in historical time. Pleistocene trachytic lava domes are located at the far NE tip of the island. Dark-colored lava domes from the 1952-53 eruption can be seen in the summit crater.

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The Hellish Eruption of Mexico's Most Active Volcano

Las erupciones volcánicas, laboratorios químicos #rocecillosonfire

Colima Volcano, Mexico’s most active, has been erupting since 1998. The eruption began with several months of earthquakes beneath the volcano, followed by explosions and rockfalls at the summit lava dome as it began to grow.

A steam plume blows from the summit of Mexico's Colima volcano in this 1992 view from the WSW with snow-capped Nevado de Colima to the left. Colima, also known as Fuego de Colima, is one of North America's most active volcanoes. Frequent eruptions have been recorded since the 16th century. A complex succession of eruptions that has been dominated during the past century by lava effusion associated with lava dome growth has also produced explosive eruptions of varying magnitude and frequent…