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ScratchJr es un software para la iniciación a la programación que permite que niños/as de edades entre 5 y 7 años puedan crear sus propias historias y juegos interactivos. Está disponible gratuitamente para tabletas iPad y Android.

Scratch teaches math, programming, and creative expression through technology. Teachers help kids learn to code - a 21st-century skill that's quickly gaining importance - to create animations, games, and models. 5 minutes to download free over Wi-Fi, and off you go! Happy coding!

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The top 3 questions teachers ask me about classroom tech

How to show YouTube video clips in the classroom even when your school blocks YouTube (and how to prevent ads, comments, and other inappropriate content from popping up.)

Bookmark challenge library passive program

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How To Get Kids Coding : Preschoolers

Fun ways to get kids coding and learning the basics of computer programming with FREE coding apps even before they start school ... #STEM #preschool #pre-k

Makerspace Cart--an idea for having a selection of mobile supplies available for makerspaces. Put it away when you're done!

How to make your own app using Yapp. Great way to share updates and links about your school counseling program or blog.

CreAPPcuentos es una aplicación gratuita para tablets que permite crear tu propia historia de forma sencilla y divertida.

I {Heart} Teaching: How to Get {Maker}Spaces Started in Your Library

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Learn Coding and Programming with Fun Toy - Sphero Ball

Learn coding and programming with fun toy Sphero ball - with free lesson plans for math, science, ...