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Sometimes I think I'm living in a parallel universe. Our politics have degenerated into name-calling, hate-mongering, personal insults, and hints of violence. The front runner on the GOP side is a demagogue in training. His rival is an evangelical Christian who cares nothing for civil liberties. One of these guys could become president of the United States. The GOP bigwigs promise to support whoever is nominated. No concern for their policies, their plans, or their ideas. Oh, no --

My President has suffered YEARS of GOP abuse & disrespect ! But now you expect everyone to come together and show respect? F off!!!

Sue the Republicans - Stop watching Fake Fox News - Vote the GOP Out

MUCH better! Thank you President Obama!

The Republicant's "God", who served in the White House suffering from Alzheimer's, while his wife Nancy used psychics to plan out his daily movements. Reaganomics started the destruction of America! Beirut, Lebanon was a huge scandal that the GOP gave him a HUGE pass on! "BUT WE WON'T TALK ABOUT THAT, WILL WE YOU HYPOCRITES!!!

Smells like FASCISM. Not even a week has passed, and the president elect's team is already warning Trump critics to be "careful" about the way they criticize Trump.

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Nice to the Waiter letterpress poster

Republicans...not nice to anyone.


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