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El saber escuchar debe conformar una parte importante de mi forma de ser, ya que la opinión de los demás es indispensable para poder mejorar los hechos actuales

In chapter 2 Minerva was the only sister to go to school. Minerva also meet an girl named Sinita whom she thought was poor. Also in this chapter Tujillo was mentioned more due to the fact he was dating an girl in that school named Lina. In this chapter also Minerva found out why Sinita didn't like Trujillo, which was because he killed all the men in her family. Sinita felt the need that in the play she was in she would point her bow and arrow at Tujillo.

Setting- Dominican Republic 1943 to 1994: This book takes place in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, from 1943-1994. The setting of this book is important because it's based off of a true story of a brave family, and it all happened in the Dominican Republic years ago. This keeps the story true, and helps the reader know what really happened to the Mirabal family.

María Argentina Minerva Mirabal, the third Mirabal sister, and the one most wrapped up in the revolution. She and her revolutionary husband, Manolo Tavarez, have two children, Minou and Manolito. Minerva wanted women rights and she wasn't going to stop her march until she got that.

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