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10 Reasons Science Says You Should Spend More Time With Your Dog

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Perro sentido de la vista comparado con humanos

Novel Disease Diagnostic Tool: The objects facilitate bees' odour detection abilities in human breath. Bees can be trained within 10 minutes using Pavlov’s reflex to target a wide range of natural and man-made chemicals and odours, including the biomarkers associated with certain diseases.

Perro sentido del olfato detector de cáncer

[Daggit] This is a repaint of the original Daggit figure from Battlestar Galactica! Man I loved Battlestar Galactica when I was a kid, I was 5 when these figures came out so I had all of them, and still have most of them. This was the weirdest thing ever, supposedly dog like, but played by a chimp in a suit, the Daggit just left me feeling uneasy whenever I saw him, but that didn't make this figure any less awesome. This figure was carded as Daggit, although technically, that's like carding…

Perro sentido del olfato detector de cáncer

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The 42 Best Science Memes On The Internet

Perro sentido del oído

Auschwitz convinced me there was no god.