One of these days I want to dress up my little sisters as Little Sisters and then I get to be a Big Sister *malevolent he he he*

Nightwing (Danny Shepard) from a proposed Nightwing web series. Check out

Busque la mejor calidad Cosplay y Trajes? Comprar vestidos de Fobuy@es, disfrutando de gran precio y servicio al cliente satisfecho.

This is by far the best Merida cosplay I've ever seen.... Holy crap! She looks just like her! Check out the website to see more

Hacer elementos para tu cosplay con papel aluminio y papel mache

arlequin batman - Buscar con Google

"It's only fun if you get a scar out of it."....Hey it's Astrid Hofferson. Best warrior in Berk. Stormfly and I have been kind of busy, working on new skills and improving her speed. I found out that she loves chicken! Who knew? A lot of people say I have anger issues but it's not violence it's communication. I'm not good at this introducing stuff, so yeah, bye.

Cosplay Done Right

Cosplay Done Right

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