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La leche A2 es producida sólo de vacas que tienen dos copias del gen A2 para beta caseína. VER LO QUE NECESITAS SABER ACERCA DE A2

.love. Cows!!! Cows are friends NOT food<3

Nintendos weird 1-2 Switch has you milking cows and rocking babies to sleep Read more Technology News Here --> Remember 1-2 Switch the new party game thats launching on the Nintendo Switch in March? It was announced in Nintendos global Switch unveiling video in early January and focused on two people dressed up like cowboys using the wireless JoyCon controllers as pistols in a wild west style shootout. Nintendo followed the showdown with a lot of interesting…

"John Oliver (1793-1863), a veteran of the War of 1812, and his wife Lucretia Frazier (1795-1888) were the first permanent European settlers in Cades Cove. The Olivers, originally from Carter County, Tennessee, arrived in 1818, accompanied by Joshua Jobe, who had initially persuaded them to settle in the cove. While Jobe returned to Carter County, the Olivers stayed, struggling through the winter and subsisting on dried pumpkin given to them by friendly Cherokees. Jobe returned in the Spring…

"Beautiful Blonds" by Robert Duncan Robert Duncan Studios, Midway, Utah

Mozzarella Cheese The fact that with only two gallons of milk…I can squeeze out THREE great dairy products. With the two gallons of raw milk you see pictured below, I was able to make three eight ounce balls of mozzarella cheese…a half pound of butter…and about a cup of ricotta cheese.

How do you get general practitioners to work in a clinic in rural Kansas (old western rural, two hours to Starbucks rural)? Attract physicians who are in the profession to reach the underserved and see 10 weeks vacation for missionary work as a sweet perk.

originally developed in the 1850s by Antoine Roussel, a cheesemaker. He was probably trying to copy Roquefort cheese, but used cow milk instead of sheep milk. Today bleu d'Auvergne is made with raw milk of Salers and Aubrac cows I'm finding sources that say it is aged up to two months in cellars, before being wrapped in foil and matured another month or so

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Baked Breakfast Peppers---Instead of eggs, I think that I would use Egg Beaters, maybe the southwestern style and add some Laughing Cow Pepper Jack Cheese. Spice things up a little!