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Como sin duda recuerdas de tus clases de matemáticas, una elipse es el lugar geométrico de los puntos del plano cuya suma de distancias a do...

Ahogy az egyik csúcs egy háromszög mentén csúszik a vízszintes tengely, a másik csúcs mentén csúszik a másik tengely. A harmadik csúcsa, majd retraces ellipszis. Leonardo da Vinci fedezte fel ezt.

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Here a line of fixed length is moved along the edge of an ellipse, tracing out a collection of new shapes. Consider the area of the shape traced by a point p units from one end of the line and q from the other. Holditch’s theorem, regarded as a milestone in the history of maths, tells us this area is less than the area of the ellipse by at least π×p×q. Curiously, this formula holds not just for an ellipse, but any closed curve. [more] [code]

hyrodium: Linkage mechanism of Theo Jasen’s STRANDBEEST. I made this animation by Desmos Graphing Calculator:

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Bouncing balls in a circle gives one of the simplest systems to exhibit chaos, as was pointed out in a comment by Andrew Moylan. The animation above shows two balls which start off with almost exactly the same speed and location, but before long they are travelling along completely different trajectories. Such high sensitivity to the initial conditions defines chaos.