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Ruins of Kumbi Saleh, capital of the Ghana Empire ( 830 AD to 1235)Kumbi Saleh era el capital del Imperio de Ghana situado en lo que ahora es Mauritania suroriental. Koumbi Saleh se fundó en el siglo III, cuando sus vecinos manden y los Sanhaja berberes controlaban las rutas comerciales entre Kumbi Saleh, Aoudaghost, y Tombuctú.

Ashanti architecture 1922, Ghana

south African huts | traditional african hut found in the rural areas of africa

The 'Lion Man,' preserved in the Ulmer Museum in Ulm, Germany. (View a full-scale image.) carved of mammoth ivory..Lionheaded Figurine discoved in 1939 in a cave in Germany

52 Places to Go in 2014

The Zoma Contemporary Art Center. Michel Temteme for The New York Times 13. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia An ambitious art scene heads toward the international stage.

Africa | Granaries in Ayorou along the Niger River. These round adobe structures serve for storing grains, primarily millet and sorghum.. Tillaberi, West Niger. | ©Irena Bozin

Door of Mangbetu great hall - The Great Meeting Hall, a detail of which is shown here, was completed in 1913. It was built of bamboo reeds, wooden posts, fiber cords and rattan strips. Although it had no windows, the fiber construction allowed light and air to pass through. The room was used for dances, court cases, meetings and ceremonies. The attendant standing in front of the doorway is wearing a garment made from bark cloth, a soft fabric made by pounding the bark of a Ficus tree with a…

Rwanda Kings Hut interior(submitted by Larsen Payá)3

Benin Art And Architecture - Culture (13) - Nairaland