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Cochlearia officinalis - Löffelkraut

Huckleberry marrón tartas de mantequilla receta | usar mantequilla de verdad

Mushroom on a pine cone

Death from Above! Green Heron fishing

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Newly Discovered Crickets Make World’s Highest Pitched Love Song

High on life. Katydid mating call has highest pitch.

blanco ruso receta de helado | usar mantequilla de verdad

Fin whale is the second largest animal in the world. It is a sea mammal and belongs to the baleen whales suborder and it is also known as finback whale. After the blue whale fin whale is the 2nd largest living organism growing up to (89 feet / 27 meters). Length: 89 Feet / 27 Meters Weight: 130 Tones (Maximum) Speed: 30 Mph (48 Km / h) Population: 80 to 100 K (Approximate)

The #Horseshoe #Crab: A living fossil of blue blood!