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2 de junio, inauguración de la expo de los trabajos de los niños de infantil del CEIP Valdespartera con la realidad aumentada, en el CUS Valdespartera

The battle for our planet seems cast in terms of black and white Though reality is often shades of grey. Today's climate agreement in Paris is just such a chess game - Did we save the planet? No we've already lit the fuse of its and our demise. Did we come together to finally agree to end the Era of Fossil Fuels? Yes but it is too little too late. Did we pledge to lower greenhouse gas emissions and keep average global temperatures well below a 2 rise from preindustrial times? Yes but…

Bone Flowers are made from real bones of mice and rats. Japanese artist Hideki Tokushige states that the collection, called “Honebana” (bone flower), is the result of a ceremonial process that honors the cycle of death, decay, and rebirth, even as modern society becomes increasingly detached from this spiritual reality.


Sculpting in Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift DK2 + Razer Hydra

OBJEKT V is an augmented sculpture developed in the scope of an artistic research project with the working title LUMEN. The conceptual starting point of the associated works was to create wall objects located in the dynamic area between virtuality and reality. The basic idea - to establish a connection between the contrasting poles of a world that is increasingly separated into virtual and real spaces. Based on a plug-type system, the sculpture was designed as a virtual 3D-object. Using a…

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