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United Kingdom, Northern Lights and stars

More stars in the Universe than grains of sand on Earth

An increase in solar activity means the chances of seeing the Northern Lights tonight in places like Canada, Scandinavia, Scotland and even England and are greater than usual.

This blurry image is the last picture sent back by Rosetta before impact

On board ship: Annie and Walter Maunder can be seen sitting together

Brendan Devine, 15, stacked more than 60 frames to create his winning picture, Lunar Reversal, and then used software to invert the image, making it a negative. The judges said this showed the Moon in a whole new light, allowing the texture to jump out. And this willingness to play with images was something they had seen in this category more than others.

Damian Peach said he had had near perfect conditions for viewing the rings of Saturn, in March of this year. His picture, Serene Saturn, shows a variety of coloured bands within the atmosphere of the planet. "It could almost be a Hubble Space Telescope picture, but it was taken by an amateur astronomer using commercially available equipment," said Dr Kukula.

Mikko Silvola shot Silent Waves of the Sky: Noctilucent Clouds in Finland.

Yu Jun's Geminids over the Lamost telescope shows a night's worth of meteors over an observatory in China. "This picture shows all these meteors, grains of dust burning up high the atmosphere," said Dr Kukula. "Because the photographer has composited all the meteors from one night, you can see they all come from one spot in the sky.

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