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Siria - campo de refugiado Más

A Iraqi girl in an orphanage - missing her mother so she drew her and fell asleep inside her.

Refugee Children Making Food

Never complain about what you don't have....... A Drink of Water

syrian people - Google Search

Syria's Agony: The Photographs That Moved Them Most

Syria’s Agony in Pictures: War Journalists Describe Their Photographs - LightBox

War in Syria This isn’t just “War in Syria”. This is the mass exodus of people from Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus that has been under siege by the Assad government and military since 2013. Yarmouk, where ISIS is now trying to make theirs. That is the victim of barrel bombs launched by a brutal regime. Fuck you and your war porn. Taking a picture of thousands of people fleeing their homes and haphazardly describing it as “war in Syria”

I am the beauty Syrian child of a re-pinner, this breaks my heart, so many little ones as well as big ones, in pain and fear.

Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, who fled the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, wait to board a bus to re-enter Iraq from Syria, at Nowruz refugee camp in Qamishli

Children of Syria at refugee camp This video sums up the state of this #UMMAH. We are at a worst time when hypocrite "Muslim" leaders have millions and