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A Iraqi girl in an orphanage - missing her mother so she drew her and fell asleep inside her.

Picture of the year 2014 (Sweden) was taken by Niclas Hammarstrom photojournalism Niclas Hammarstrom, the photographer who last year sat 43 days kidnapped in Syria, has taken the Year Picture 2014 - a picture from Aleppo in Syria. omes war everyday palpable and understandable. Diagram is a powerful symbol of a seemingly insoluble conflict. "

Never complain about what you don't have....... A Drink of Water

Syrian journalist. When l found this photograph l felt for her, l thought this is part of the job l could never do.

de the Guardian

The sons of war: Syria's refugees – in pictures

The sons of war: Syria's refugees – in pictures | Media | The Guardian

I'm #Syrian child I want to play. Stop #war

Children of the Dust. Lugging bricks, inhaling clay dust, India’s untouchable boys trade their health for pittance in primitive brickyards. With no future besides work, they are victims of a society too poor to enforce child labour laws. by Eric Valli