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Vijay Pandurangan was interested to see how colors played out in one of society’s most time-honored advertising traditions, the movie poster. So through some clever code, he snagged 37,000 posters from an online image database, sorted them by year (1914-2012), counted the color pixels in each poster and then mapped each color’s frequency in a simple horizontal strip.

Principal constituent elements, population of each state from Statistical Atlas of the United States (1870)

via http://www.patternity.co.uk/search/colour

Goal vs Pledged: Kickstarter data visualization

FoodMood by Affect Lab, Ai Applied and Jana + Koos aims to communicate a better understanding of global food consumption patterns and their impact on the daily emotional well-being of people.

Data Visualization @ Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2015

Me gustan las infografías que hacen juegos malabares con las tipografías (me ha salido un pareado)

Visualize your Taxes - BudgetDistribution | by FFunction

Josef Albers, Color sheets and layout of the Never Before series, 1976. Metropolitan Museum.

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