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65 - LOS RESPONSABLES DEL COLOR: Son los antocianos (colorantes rojos) en los vinos tintos, y las flavonas (se les atribuye la coloración amarilla) en los blancos. Ambas pertenecen al grupo de los compuestos fenólicos que se encuentran en la piel de la uva es decir el hollejo.

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Bohr and beyond: a century of quantum physics Our understanding of the quantum world began with Niels Bohr's discovery of the quantum atom in 1913. Bohr would be astounded by where his theory has since led, says Professor David Jamieson.

Atoms attach to each other when their fuzzy electron clouds interact and shuffle to form more stable arrangements. Notably, atoms with the magic numbers of 2 or 10 or 18 electrons. For this kind of exchange to work some atoms have to give away electrons, while others have to accept them.

Absorption and Emission of the Photon by an electron in the Hydrogen atom.

Leucippus and Democritus developed the theory of atoms as tiny indivisible particles, but they had no evidence to back up their theory.