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Me interesa amarte, quiero amarte déjame amarte, porque quiero amarte amarte es mi presente, es mi futuro quiero amarte, sueño amarte amarte es mi alma, amarte es ser amarte es sentir, amarte es vivir déjame amarte, amarte... amarte.

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So, There's A Pinterest For Dudes Now

Mmmmm hmmmmm.... Hehehe... Good morning lovely, sure wish I was kissing you, and other things... have a good day!

Look at Naruto!!! He's like "I love you...." As you can tell I still ship Naruto and Sakura! Haha

My heartfelt letter to 2016 is up on YouTube. Here's a bit of the last clip. Today, I write this feeling an immense amount of joy for all that 2016 brought me. The good and the bad. It has made me stronger, smarter and most importantly grateful. THANK YOU for all of your support. I will never be able to show you how much it truly means to me, but I promise to always try. Now, raise your glasses and toast to yourselves because you are all rockstars! Love you to pieces and now let us slay…

For you and not for the material things of the world....guess that was just one of the reasons you left her for me....

So true. Love and respect yourself and you will see miracles in your ife...